What’s the best blogging site?

Today, a friend of mine asked,

What’s the best blogging site?

I thought others might be interested in my answer, with a few additional points.  So here it is:

WordPress is the unrivaled champ.

You can use it either at WordPress.com or on your own website using the stuff from WordPress.org.

I suggest you start with WordPress.com because it’s so easy to get started and it’s FREE.  Link to it from your own website.  As you get more familiar with WordPress, you can move to WordPress.org stuff on your own site if the situation warrants.

Hosting your own blog will eventually allow more flexibility, but it’s got a steeper learning curve.

Lot’s of successful websites use WordPress.com.  My personal favorite is CharlestonWaterkeeper.com.  Watch the URL address bar in your browser as you click on the link.  You will be silently redirected to CharlestonWaterkeeper.WordPress.com.  Notice that WordPress shows up in the middle.  This redirect is simple to do and it makes it easier for you to tell people the address for your website (or blog).  You simply say, “the address is XYZ.com,” instead of saying, “the address is xyz.WORDPRESS.com.”

I hope this helps everyone.  Feel free to leave feedback.

BTW, I just launched a Dewees Island, SC Vacation Beach Rental web site that’s built entirely on WordPress.org stuff.  That should give you some idea of the power of WordPress.  You don’t need to start with something that complex.  WordPress.com make it very easy to get started.

3 responses to “What’s the best blogging site?

  1. Hi Reggie,
    I’m new to blogging, trying to learn my exploration. I tried your link to Charleston Waterkeepers.com; but it was unrecognized.
    Please check out my site @:
    Best regards,

    • Great point. This is my own mental block. I often refer to the organization as Charleston Waterkeepers, with an “s”. But it’s real name is Charleston Waterkeeper — no “s” at the end. So the website is CharlestonWakerkeeper.com. I just double check it. Without the s it works great. I’m going to update the original blog post so other people don’t have the same problem. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Thanks for the props, Reg!

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