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BatchBook CRM teams with Rapportive to Offer Awesome GMail Features

Check out BatchBlue Blog for information on how you can better integrate the information in your CRM into GMail.

The tools pull pictures, tweets, flickr accounts, facebook feeds of the people you’re emailing directly into your email sidebar.  Have only a vague recollection of someone that contacted you 6 months ago?  And now they’re reaching out again.  No problem.  Rapportive Raplets+BatchBook help you bridge the mental gap.

The integration is so awesome that I’m looking forward to versions 2.0 and 3.0.

Here are some features I’d like to see:

  • Allow me to manually enter the look up email address for a person while looking at an email.

Example usage: I get emails from VRBO.com (the vacation rental website) about houses I rent on Dewees Island, Charleston, SC.  The from address that the BatchBook Raplet (“BBR”) tries to look up is inquiry@vrbo.com.  That does me no good. What I really need BBR to lookup is the email address for the lead that VRBO is referring to me.  Then I might remember that John Smith contacted me just last week about this same house.

  • Automatically scan through the email header and body for additional email addresses and allow me to tab through them until I see the information on the person (people) I need to respond to.  The tab functionality could work similarly to the tab function on Facebook when you’re selecting what picture should go with the link you’re appending to a post.
  • Ability to add to dos, deals, contact info to my BB account for this contact.  There’s already the ability to add notes, why note let me add more information to my database
  • Allow me to click a button in the sidebar to add this email conversation to my BB activity log for this contact.  I can do this manually by bccing my BB email address, but that’s several steps.  Let me hit a single button to track important discussions.
  • Show recent activity from the activity log.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could see that my partner logged information about this client yesterday that pertains to the deal we’re discussing today!?

I could easily go on with more feature requests.  The potential is awesome.

BB contact me if you want more ideas.