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BatchBook CRM teams with Rapportive to Offer Awesome GMail Features

Check out BatchBlue Blog for information on how you can better integrate the information in your CRM into GMail.

The tools pull pictures, tweets, flickr accounts, facebook feeds of the people you’re emailing directly into your email sidebar.  Have only a vague recollection of someone that contacted you 6 months ago?  And now they’re reaching out again.  No problem.  Rapportive Raplets+BatchBook help you bridge the mental gap.

The integration is so awesome that I’m looking forward to versions 2.0 and 3.0.

Here are some features I’d like to see:

  • Allow me to manually enter the look up email address for a person while looking at an email.

Example usage: I get emails from VRBO.com (the vacation rental website) about houses I rent on Dewees Island, Charleston, SC.  The from address that the BatchBook Raplet (“BBR”) tries to look up is inquiry@vrbo.com.  That does me no good. What I really need BBR to lookup is the email address for the lead that VRBO is referring to me.  Then I might remember that John Smith contacted me just last week about this same house.

  • Automatically scan through the email header and body for additional email addresses and allow me to tab through them until I see the information on the person (people) I need to respond to.  The tab functionality could work similarly to the tab function on Facebook when you’re selecting what picture should go with the link you’re appending to a post.
  • Ability to add to dos, deals, contact info to my BB account for this contact.  There’s already the ability to add notes, why note let me add more information to my database
  • Allow me to click a button in the sidebar to add this email conversation to my BB activity log for this contact.  I can do this manually by bccing my BB email address, but that’s several steps.  Let me hit a single button to track important discussions.
  • Show recent activity from the activity log.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could see that my partner logged information about this client yesterday that pertains to the deal we’re discussing today!?

I could easily go on with more feature requests.  The potential is awesome.

BB contact me if you want more ideas.

The Gadget I Really Want.

The new iPhone 3G S sounds cool.  But what I really want is to be able to smash my iPhone together with my Canon SLR camera. In particular, I want my SLR Camera to know the GPS location and direction for every photo I take. I know there are some add-ons, but geeze, they’re not integrated.  They’re a hassle to use.  So usage is low.  The iPhone adds GPS data to photos seemlessly.  Why can’t my $1,000 Canon do the same?

Ask Mexico to be Part of the USA

So much of American foreign policy at the moment seems to be done looking in the rearview mirror.  The news is focused on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Cuba.  As a country, we should be much more focused on China and Mexico and other areas of the World.  Hopefully, we can be friendly competitors with China for eons to come, just as we are friendly competitors with England and Germany.

The situation with Mexico is much more complicated.  During the Bush years, we’ve spent billions “getting tough” by erecting a wall / fence between our southern states and Mexico.  We’ve spent billions more unsuccessfully trying to staunch the flow of drugs across the border.  The effect is to keep pushing our neighbor to the ground.  Why don’t we try the opposite approach?  Let’s extend a hand to Mexico and put the country and it’s provinces, if they want to be, on the path to statehood.

In the process, we would gain access to the huge oil reserves in Mexico and help our neighbors.  After a transitional phase, it will become easier to control our borders, as the border between Mexico and it’s southern neighbors is much shorter than the one between the U.S. and Mexico.

The biggest threat is the rampant corruption in some parts of the Mexican economy.  In addition, there would have to be some sort of phased in approach to wellfare benefits, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and so forth.  It’s only right that Mexicans help pay for their benefits.

If Canada wants to join the fun, so much the better.  A United North America would be a formidable force in the world many natural resources, creative people, and positive cultural, educational and legal institutions.

Congress Around the Country

One of Barrack Obama’s big themes has been that this is a victory for all of us. This is our government and we’re responsible for enacting the change we want to see. Great point.

To tap into that theme and bring about real change, Congress should go on the road. It should hold session in half a dozen cities around the country. Get the Congress close to the people and the people close to Congress. Let’s stop talking about “those idiots in Washington.” Let’s start talking about how the great people of the state of California, the City of Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, St. Louis and Florida helped bring about massive improvements in health care and education.

Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer now is the time. Let’s have a government that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. Take the Congress on the road six weeks a year.

We promise to greet you warmly and help get important things done.

American Autobahn — A Hyperstate Highway System

The Obama Administration should use a portion of the upcoming stimulus package to start a Hyperstate Highway System (HHS).  The key goal of the HHS would be to facilitate very rapid transportation between distant states — to jump from California to Texas or Michigan to Florida.

The current Interstate system has become bogged down with too many on ramps and exit.  In areas like Washington DC and Los Angeles, commerce can sit for hours waiting for the LOCAL rush hour traffic to clear out.  What we need today is super advanced Interstate — a Hyperstate.

Key elements of Hyperstates:

  1. a very limited number of exits — two or three per state, except for a few very large states like California and Texas
  2. only connect to Interstates, no connections to state highways or other local roads; use the Interstates for local transportation.
  3. give priority to commerce, especially trucks and other very long distance travelers

By starting the HHS, the Obama Administration can enhance its pro business credentials.  It can create a program who’s benefits will last for generations, much like the original Interstate program started by the Eisenhower Administration in 1956.  It’s pro-jobs stimulus package can do more than fill potholes — which while very important, will not solve our long distance transportation problems.

Start the Hyperstate Highway System today.  Or if you prefer the American Autobahn.

iPhone Browser windows

It would be really nice if the iPhone automattically closed the oldest browser windows when you ask to open a new one. For example, when you use an RSS Reader, old windows should automatically be closed to make room for new articles.